Cooking and Baking Classes

Want to learn how to bake a cake, unlock the mysteries of meringue, or create fun, festive desserts? Mi2Sweets offers cooking classes for groups of up to 8, for all levels of culinary experience and skill—all in the comfort of your home kitchen. We bring in the ingredients, recipes, tools and equipment. You provide the kitchen, a good working stove/ oven, and a healthy appetite! Classes are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual group and occasion. Best of all, you get to indulge in your own creations! For more information about scheduling a class, email us.

Cooking classes teach the art and fun of baking Cooking classes teach the art and fun of baking
Sample Class - To Pie For Sample Class - Sweet Decadence Sample Class - Sweet and Savory

The art of the pie

Learn the basics of pie and tart dough

Bake sale classics

The savory way

Perfect for a bachelorette party

From churros and homemade marshmallows to sinfully rich hot fudge sauce

Put together a decadent dessert fondue-to-die-for

Hand-decorated naughty lingerie cookie favors

Fun and easy activity for couples and social groups

Learn to make simple and delicious desserts and appetizers

Versatile sweet and savory applications using the same easy techniques

Create a delectable buffet sure to please everyone